Thursday, May 1, 2008

I don't condone Pimps talking down on other Pimps but several people asked me if I could post this up for them to take a listen..Well here you sure to comment on this post below and let the world know what you think. Peace


  1. High said...
    Sounds to me like a few pimps
    hatin' on the man. That's my big homie and in the streets if a nikka
    saying a nikka is tellin' he has to
    provide some type of transcript.
    If that man Payroll is indeed the skinner that PK claims him to be why not post some proof of that shit.
    All sex offenders have to register in this country. And there is a website w. the face of all convicted skinners. If he saying the big homie is a chester he should put him fully on blast by proving it or fall the fuck back.
    Anonymous said... he's back payroll is back ,well i think his site is up i cant wait.
    Anonymous said...
    I knew payroll from the track in frisco and the nigga aint gay. U no niggaz play dirty wit this beef shyt
    Anonymous said...
    the nigga didnt register as a sex offender, thats why he's on the run now. OUT of the country!
    Anonymous said...
    I can vouch for PAYROLL being a sex offender........Years ago before I new what this game was really about, I ran into payroll when I was hitch hiking across country / RUNNING away from home. I was 13, he was a truck driver. Payroll gave me a ride and tried to talk me into going back to CALI and letting him take care of me ( being older now I know that was just a nice way of saying Come Hoe for him)

    He taught me how to ride his dick and give him head. Payroll had me working truck stops for a little while, but when tricks figured out my age it was a no go.

    I was rapped by a nasty fat white trucker while payroll slept in his truck. Dude pulled me into the shower area and tore my ass up. I told payroll what happen and the punk ass just told me to find someone else to ride with.

    Payroll new I was 13 I told him several times while riding his dick. He would ask how old I was and for me to tell him the truth. 13,13,13,13,13 is what I repeated over and over again. When he nutted he said your young ass coming to cali with me.
    Anonymous said...
    When I was 16 I was running away from home and I met this 15 year old girl on the greyhound bus who said she was going to meet "spicy" in albequerque, nm (who was payroll's bottom bitch). They talked me into going.

    Me an Cocoa(the chic from the grey hound) went to NM and spent one night turnin tricks with spicy. Then we met up with Payroll in AZ and he knew our ages we slept in his bed with him and I even had sex with him.

    He took me back to CA and we ditched Cocoa. Tricked her into going to Chicago.

    This trick tried to kidnap and handcuff me and I fought him away.

    Payroll didnt do shit. I had to sneak away in the early morning and get my way home after that.
    DreamPimpn said...
    All this maddness needs to be stopped !!! If he a chester he a chester what's the point ??? Dude I'm a P and what other P's do to eat that's they business......................enuff on payroll focus on gett'n bankrolls
    Howard C. said...
    This little anonymous bitch say she was 13 was tryin' 2 be grown, now she talk like she was misused & abused. Fuck that punk bitch. A ho I had early in my career turned out when she was 13. PK talkin', but he ain't got no paper work to back up what he sayin. Payroll's a Pimpin' muthafucka. He got REAL PUSSY SELLIN' PROSTITUTES, drive a fresh Double R, and he International with this Pimpin. Can you say that PK? Book sellin, commercializing on the Game-ass nigga. Don't no Real Pimp respect that like he do a nigga Global with this Pimpin'. Do you even got a ho on a track anywhere? Be quiet until you got paper work to back up what you allege.
    Hope IV said...
    Yes yes yes... Where is the paper work!!!!????
    Living King said...
    Hello lovely , where are you located
    Daddy large said...
    Looking for a female or females who want be in the Adult Entertainment business i.e. Exotic Dancer, Video Model and/or Escort.

    So you close to hitting rock bottom huh? Trying to catch up on bills and find a way to pay that rent. You have no family and you here so you bored and want to be around positive minded individuals. Sick of immature people taking advantage of you and your hard work. Seems like no matter how hard you try shit just don't seem like things are going right.

    Being on your own can be very hard and bad spending habits can destroy you fast.
    It cost to live baby, understand that. But you not doing so well on your own or else you wouldn't be reading this.
    I don't have time for games but what I can do is offer you my loyalty.
    I'm all about it.
    Money-management, I was created for it.
    You can live great and have some of the finest things in the world as long as you bringing something to Daddy. Before you continue, I'm not trying to drain your pockets. I'm Elite. I have a huge network and big connections. Some you may or may not have heard of. Put your coins in my hands and I'll turn you into Gold baby. Fuck with me, I got it. Understand, every great athlete and celebrity need management or a coach to teach and motivate them to their highest potential. Every major corporation have success because of somebody guiding them to achieve a higher potential to success. You want that Gold-medal, you have to choose the best. I'm about Investments and goals. We need to start unifying one another. I'm tired of the games and I'm sure you are to.
    There are predators who take advantage of females and only offer them minor things like expensive bags, getting their hair done and nails of course, that's one part of the game.. But what they don't tell you is that when you get out the game you broke and that nigga broke your pockets...
    I keep up the investment.
    There's a lot of competition out here. A bad bitch turns eighteen everyday..
    Come to daddy and the competition will fall off the mountain. I have been in some very successful positions in my life I have been in the industry and I have also walked away from the industry because I am from the streets "The Spanish Harlem New York".
    My security is provided and my goal is to financially set you up and make sure that you good so when you decide to walk out of the game you have something to look forward to.. I am legitimate about what I do, how I do and when I do. I'm willing to put the money up for you to strip if that's a preference and/ or your hotel if you escort. I'll also provide you the proper tools you'll need in case a motherfucker wanna get loose.
    With all the money you'll be making or can be making, there's no reason why you should have fucked up credit and there's no reason why you shouldn't be in a position of owning your own business and accomplish your goals... In exchange I'll be making money too. I understand that's a hell of a commitment and a very scary one at that so I'll cherish that and I'll make sure you're straight before I am.
    You young and got a lot to learn .. don't miss out on greatness.
    So if you going down this path call and need someone to hold you, call me. I'm Daddy Large.. I may be a pimp but only for good reasons and that's to make you a champion baby, know that.
    Be open-minded, no jealousy, no anger, no baggage.
    Daddy will never throw you out to the sharks without proper training. If you want to learn the game I'll teach you but you better be willing to learn because the game will be over if you make a mistake and I'm just putting the truth out for you.
    Besides all that, I hope you're ready to join a family of unity and greatness for your future success. I can house you but I won't promise you your own room because there are many women but shit what you need your own room for when you just living the life.. let's party and have a good international time.

    Daddy Large

    +1 917-261-0600
    Marquis Morris said...
    OK here's how I became a pimp 1st time there was pedifile rape killings in the valley next to Los Angeles and you know how church girl's do trying to be like hoochie momas instead of the dude selling crack to make sure he can fuck the church girl give a broke ass thug money so she can look cool with who look like a down ass nigga, so my dumb ass momma give a broke and nigga all the money for rent and after he leave not careing about the dead little boys in store parking lots with cum up the booty she tells me and my sister "we ain't got money for rent y'all" knowing we can't go to our grandma"s house I went into a cold silent fear while my sister screamed in horror and went historical crying so not knowing a from y I confusingly walked to the corner were some gangsters from the project boys were drinking beers on their front porch and a copcar passed by and the cop stoped and asked me "hey kid what are you doing out here by yourself" and I asked him if he can give me money for my mom? And the cop laughed and said "go home nigger" and coasted away, I started crying fearfully because what happened to me at the preschool daycare center next to broadus elementary school, and for some reason the ezze"s from the project boys got up and started talking to me about using pretty ladies to make me money but I have to pay them for helping me so hearing the word money and me being from a church dork family I didn't know I wasn't supposed to agree but one of the gangsters gave me a cream blue suit with a top hate to match and it was his dead baby brother's that got killed in a drive by and only wore it to his uncle's wedding , I was told before being driven through the valley what kind of chick's to choose so I saw all kinds of high school graduates homeless turning tricks so I quickly pointed and said "that one"quickly I don't remember how many I had but the Mexican gangsters took most of the money and I didn't care because my moms rent was going to be paid I was only in kindergarten and had no clue how bad it was for me to do it, and i even gave my whores to them leaving me with a boy's market shopping bag with about maybe $900 and me hopeing my church wasn't going to find out with me having the aka qevo, then during my freshman year of highschool I was kidnapped by police and taken before the mob that ruled Los Angeles to be sold into the prostatution ring but the gay white guy they got me for got busted about rapeing a little boy from the mobs family so they shoot the guy and tell me your not gonna be a ho your gonna be a pimp with me thinking awww fucking shit I was falling asleep in class and everything hopeing my family wouldn't be killed I couldn't even go to church like how I wanted , but proved my loyalty and I was fired after 5 months and I didn't know like with the project boys alot of people were after me being killed but so many dumb fuck gay bitches hunted for me to punish me for not letting faggots be my main squeeze, so I'm homeless and dieing from HIV I never knew I would have to pay for the sins I did as a child, when in the holy Bible it says "may all children come onto me after they die because of their time of innocence" but you full grown pimps better watch your back because I already know y'all be pimping to make a sexy bitch feel like they ain't shit from the abuse the sexy put you all through while you were growing up. I am a victim like yourself and no matter how evil you all have become you will always have my ghetto sence of sympathy because I know what it is to be the nicest person in the world and just because you can't afford stylish clothes a sexy bitch say you ain't allowed to be respected and you can't respect yourself.may the holy god have mercy on all you pimps for trying to get your payback to have a feeling of self worth.
    Marquis teague morris said...
    Shit I ain't gonna lie my shit so fucked up tranny bitches advised I do gay porn and pimp on the side. I was a pimp against my will, and I know you pimps know about being a pimp for crime factions and shit as it was for me so why I gotta suffer because I was told I was not allowed to have I main squeeze or just the fact I was a pimp?
    Marquis teague morris said...
    All of you that grew up in poverty know when you live in the territory of the mob or Mofia you already know what they say you are you just are weather you like it or not.
    Marquis teague morris said...
    OK this is how bad this shit is I was made infertile at a hospital and I was stopped from graduating from college just because I wouldn't let any faggots be my main squeeze, it's like bitches didn't even care if the mob made me do it all they cared about is that I had to pay for not letting them use me to look good.
    Marquis teague morris said...
    I'm not much of a brag but bitches knew I was a pimp before I even remembered 4 years ago

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