Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Here are the results from a recent pole taken. A total of 38 votes were casted.

34% Are Getting it from the TRACK

28% Are Getting it from the STRIP CLUBS

26% Are Getting it from the BROTHELS

97% Are Getting it from ONLINE

Remember results can and will change as members grow. This is just an overall estimation and is not an accurate number by any means.

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  1. Daddy large said...
    Looking for a female or females who want be in the Adult Entertainment business i.e. Exotic Dancer, Video Model and/or Escort.

    So you close to hitting rock bottom huh? Trying to catch up on bills and find a way to pay that rent. You have no family and you here so you bored and want to be around positive minded individuals. Sick of immature people taking advantage of you and your hard work. Seems like no matter how hard you try shit just don't seem like things are going right.

    Being on your own can be very hard and bad spending habits can destroy you fast.
    It cost to live baby, understand that. But you not doing so well on your own or else you wouldn't be reading this.
    I don't have time for games but what I can do is offer you my loyalty.
    I'm all about it.
    Money-management, I was created for it.
    You can live great and have some of the finest things in the world as long as you bringing something to Daddy. Before you continue, I'm not trying to drain your pockets. I'm Elite. I have a huge network and big connections. Some you may or may not have heard of. Put your coins in my hands and I'll turn you into Gold baby. Fuck with me, I got it. Understand, every great athlete and celebrity need management or a coach to teach and motivate them to their highest potential. Every major corporation have success because of somebody guiding them to achieve a higher potential to success. You want that Gold-medal, you have to choose the best. I'm about Investments and goals. We need to start unifying one another. I'm tired of the games and I'm sure you are to.
    There are predators who take advantage of females and only offer them minor things like expensive bags, getting their hair done and nails of course, that's one part of the game.. But what they don't tell you is that when you get out the game you broke and that nigga broke your pockets...
    I keep up the investment.
    There's a lot of competition out here. A bad bitch turns eighteen everyday..
    Come to daddy and the competition will fall off the mountain. I have been in some very successful positions in my life I have been in the industry and I have also walked away from the industry because I am from the streets "The Spanish Harlem New York".
    My security is provided and my goal is to financially set you up and make sure that you good so when you decide to walk out of the game you have something to look forward to.. I am legitimate about what I do, how I do and when I do. I'm willing to put the money up for you to strip if that's a preference and/ or your hotel if you escort. I'll also provide you the proper tools you'll need in case a motherfucker wanna get loose.
    With all the money you'll be making or can be making, there's no reason why you should have fucked up credit and there's no reason why you shouldn't be in a position of owning your own business and accomplish your goals... In exchange I'll be making money too. I understand that's a hell of a commitment and a very scary one at that so I'll cherish that and I'll make sure you're straight before I am.
    You young and got a lot to learn .. don't miss out on greatness.
    So if you going down this path call and need someone to hold you, call me. I'm Daddy Large.. I may be a pimp but only for good reasons and that's to make you a champion baby, know that.
    Be open-minded, no jealousy, no anger, no baggage.
    Daddy will never throw you out to the sharks without proper training. If you want to learn the game I'll teach you but you better be willing to learn because the game will be over if you make a mistake and I'm just putting the truth out for you.
    Besides all that, I hope you're ready to join a family of unity and greatness for your future success. I can house you but I won't promise you your own room because there are many women but shit what you need your own room for when you just living the life.. let's party and have a good international time.

    Daddy Large

    +1 917-261-0600

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