Tuesday, April 8, 2008


There has been alot of talk about P'z cuttin' deals with Hoes..Offering some kind of payment plan for example this much is mine this much is yours and this percentage will go towards this and so on and so forth..
My opinion is this man...fuck all that..Demand 100% off the Jump. Keep the Game Solid.
Reason is this..We all know that the money you get is going to have to be seperated to pay the bills, take care of her needs, food, and travel etc..
But thats what makes YOU the man of the household..cause you are in control of the Finanicial situation..You aint got to let her know where every single penny goes, thats for you to know.
When a Hoe starts having her own money and spending it the way she feels fit then shes going to have some issues with you in the future and that I can promise you from experience. Keep them Hoes broke man..But Keep them Hoes Happy..
Now there have been plenty of experiences in the past where I got a cut of the money made. But in no way did I consider that fully Pimpin' on de' bitch. It was more on the line of my bitch had a two girl show but needed another bitch so she called her homegirl and they hit that lick and I got a portion of the homegirls money for pluggin it..which is basically like running an Escort Agency.
I dont look down on situations like that because if you can get a cut of the money and have to deal with NONE of the headaches then thats a win/win situation..But if that's YOUR Hoe and she talking about being down and you cuttin deals man, then in reality that Hoe aint your Hoe man..
How shit starts is how shit finishes so if you trying to cop a hoe by enticing her with deals then thats just some simp move to try to get a bitch..Find another Hoe that wants to be down with you all the way and see the both of you come up and keep that shit 100. I'm out!

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