Monday, April 21, 2008


For the most part, my articles that I write about are catered mainly for the Pimps and up n' coming P'z in the Game. Considering that this site is for "Official Pimps and Hoes" I figured I'd post up some shit pertaining towards the working ladies in the Game.
I wanted to talk to you Ladies about steppin' ya game up..Yes I'm talking to you.. See there are some hoes that will only do what they are told to do and never really be innovative or creative to try to better that situation, always having the man babysit them thru the everyday routines. Some of you P'z may feel where I'm coming from, by having to wake up everyday and tell the hoe the same shit you told her everyday for the last who the fuck knows how many days...hey bitch get up...get sounds like a fucking broken record everyday ya dig..
You would think that the hoe would just figure that shit out on her own but 'most' hoes just love to sit around and wait until they are told to do something.. you know what your man would really like to see? Instead of him having to tell you a list of things to know how good it feels for a man to tell someone to do something, yet the response is.."That's already done, and this is already done, and also I wanted to let you know that I did this also..and I'm going to do this..." Shit...a mother fucker aint got shit to be mad about when he knows his hoes is on top of the situation..It feels good to have a bitch thats on point and can handle some shit. That shit will set you apart from the other lazy hoes that always seem to be 'unreliable'.
Ladies..being on top of situations is just one'd be surprise to find out how many hoes never ever pick up a book..Thats right I said a fucking Book..I'm gonna tell you like this..A Hoe should always be trying to expand her mind and read some shit..stay up to date with current events in able to be articulate, intellectual, and sophisticated. Some hoes can turn dates left and right with no problem everyday all day..but they never seem to retain those tricks..there always fishing for another trick. When you combine beautiful looks with a intelligent mind you are setting yourself up to be able to hold your own in a room full of more established tricks..tricks who really want someone they can conversate with and relate too and actually be intrigued to see more than once and pay whatever for your are you going to be able to do that if you mind is stuck in the gutter?? Take some time everyday and watch the a book, or do some researching on the internet..expand your mind..
If you don't know what a word means look it up in the dictionary, find out what it means and add that to your vocabulary, don't just pass by it and ignore it, ask someone what it means or look it up..Continue to build your mind everyday..its all about growth.
If you work the Internet take professional photos..learn how to use adobe photoshop, or if not learn how to use the "Paint" can do some editing and that comes standard on computers nowadays. You don't have to pay for a photographer, borrow someones camera and use some decent lighting and take your own digital photos..take alot of them and pick of the best ones and use those for your ads online, it'll improve your over call rate without a doubt, tricks will see that your serious about your craft and that will increase your credibility.
If you dont have a computer then find someone that does that is willing to post ads for you, most hoes have hoe friends that have computers, just call the hoe most hoes is more than willing to help they "homegirl" post up a simple ad..
Take care of your personal should be showering and washing up constantly..if you work the blade there are many little bars and fast food joints around that have can usually slide up in those spots without anyone knowing and use the facility to clean yourself, you should know your track and the whole layout. Get all your female products at low discount budget stores..there is no use to pay high retail for condoms, baby wipes, lubricating, and etc...get that shit in bulk..instead of buying a pack of condoms from the corner store go to the Wal-Mart or someshit and buy a box of em..your gonna run thru those eventually..Get checked often and take care of anything that needs to be taken care of immediately..don't think that ignoring something or putting it off is going to be a good enough excuse to not go..just go do that shit, its part of the job.
And if your going to be down with your man, then be down with that man a stand up hoe..stay in pocket and work hard and keep all of your emotions on the sidelines..avoid the jealousy and other evil emotions that will manifest inside if you let all the women that you possibly can be..don't be a suzy choosey..hoes that are solid and stay down with they man get much respect in the street game you can believe that..if respect is important to you then stay down all the way til the very fucking end..then you'll see the real rewards and successes of some true Pimpin' and Hoe' patient hard work will pay off and your man will value you for being a stand up hoe and take care of you..believe that.
I can go on forever on some things but for now Ima cut it short...I'll touch up more on this subject later on..til then Happy Hoe'n..and Successful Pimpin'. 1


  1. Anonymous said...
    Real Big Time hoes never remove their underwear to get money. The majority of these hoes make their dough talkin to tricks about everything from the prime rate to $40 million dollar paintings sold at auction. These hoes are getting serious paper; but, they are not connected to the "avergae pimpin." Why? The average "pimpin" is a motherfucking ghetto ass clown who has not picked up a book and barely reads a newspaper.

    How the fuck a hoe gonna step her game up with lame ass ghetto niggah pimpin--a niggah that has done nothing but take dough and buy a Hummer and cheap ass Mauri gators? Man, you niggahs can't get past the backdoor dressed like that where the real dough is at.

    Look at that stupid ass looking niggah Snooky in "Cross Country Pimping." Look at that rediculous shit that niggah got on! What big time hoe gonnna give that niggah a dime for doing anything else than being a lawn jockey?

    The fact of the matter is there needs to be a school opened to school you lame ass contemporary (some of you wearing sneakers and shit) and the real art of seduction--which is what real pimpin and hoein is about.

    Two bit motherfuckers.

    The reason why most of these hoes ain't got no real game is because these two bit ass pimps do not have any.

    Read a book? A real 21st century pimp realizes that the big dough ain't on the track. It is of the track and a cheap ass hoe that look like a hoe will get paid like a hoe. But a real hoe is seen as a lady and is paid like a hoe. That's where the real money is--high society hoeing.

    And not one of you lame ass pimps is turning out a stable of hoes capable of 5 and 10k a crack hoeing!

    Punk ass niggas.

    No, niggah, pimpin gotta step up its game and start to look like bankers to get the real money.

    And I agree with that other cat: this shit about video pimpin done gave the game a black eye and put this pimpin on the stage. The pimpin need to be lowkey.
    Samantha said...
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    Anonymous said...
    If u apply urself u can get more than 200 dollars a trick
    Anonymous said...
    Been pimpin since fourteen, gutter hoes and trailer dwellers are played out,I feel you bout high society hoes I needa get on that shit
    Anonymous said...
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    italianprincess said...
    Go sell yourself u scum of the earth. There are 5 outcomes to this life you ignorant devil, early death, jail, no real home, trauma/mental physical abuse, sell your butthole faggot & suck dicks.

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