Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It is without a doubt with all of the high profile media about underage prostitutes and pimps being arrested for advertising and soliciting sex on craigslist that society has put a huge spotlight on the "oldest profession", a negative one at that.
Let me give you my view upon this form of advertising on the internet..
Few years back before craigslist was even well known I was easily getting $300+ a pop with no problems. There was no such thing as "GFE" (Girlfriend Experience) or any of this "15min quickie rates" and shit like that.
It was a profitable form of advertising considering that it was FREE to post and you can post in any city and post as much as you want. Those were the good days with CL..Fast forward 2 years and next thing you know the entire scene is flooded with Fake Hoes using Bait and Switch tactics, VICE, Renegade Hoes, and Basically Hoes that fucked up the game by giving tricks way more than they deserve for too little.
You got tricks thinking that GFE and Bareback are "supposed" to be done.
With the overall flood of "Hoes with no instructions" it is natural that the overall price of things dropped i'd say more than 60% of what it use to be..you probably heard one of your hoes complaining about how hoes be advertising so low that its bringing the prices down bad..
Even if you do not advertise on CL it still has an effect on overall "going rate" on whatever website or advertisement that you use.
Big Websites like Eros has taken a huge blow to there business due to the fact that they actually charge a fee to advertise while other sites let you do it for free. Even now there are some cities on Eros that'll give you one month free of advertising just cause they want to keep there retention up. Hoes that Advertise on Eros are supposed to be considered more rare and upscale so usually rates are higher, but I've witnessed hoes charging $500 change there ads to $250 an hr. because they just weren't getting any calls.
What does this mean and where do I see the game going??
Well eventually sometime I believe in the near future with all this media hype about Craigslist being an avenue for underage prostitutes and pimps that they will be forced to shut down there Erotic section and no more posting will be allowed..
Hoes will be forced to get back hard on the Track, and hoes that paid for advertisement on other sites will slowly start getting there original rates back. Tricks will be limited to who, what, where and how they catch a date so they will be forced to pay whatever they get charged. Hopefully the game will get back to a normal state, I know for some P'z they aren't that intelligent when it comes to marketing a hoe so there knowledge is little, and CL is one if not the only method of "Internet" advertising that they know how to use.
I'm not hating on other P'z who use CL because in the total span of time that I've used CL I have easily pocketed over 100 grand just on that one site alone, so yes I myself have eaten off craigslist..But considering how hot that site has been I've quit using CL for several months now..just because..
In general be prepared and find different avenues of income for yourself if you have not already done so..In the meantime stay active, keep it moving, and be safe P'z. I'm out!



  1. Anonymous said...
    I think craigslist erotic will be here for a while because if they close it down hoes will post on personals, casual encounters or another section. The internet is a computer "track" and is here to stay as long as there is computers and the internet. The gfe and bbbj B.S. is going on because these wanstitutes are trying to turn themselves out and listen to what a trick says instead of pimping. They have no proper guidance. They think because they made some money they are professional hoes. That needs to come to a stop and pimping got to sweat these renegades and run them out of the game whether they are on the blade or the net. Get rid of the amateurs, renegades, wanstitutes and unwanted competition and prices will go up.
    Anonymous said...
    fuck wat u goin threw just cause u aint got no cash flow fuk u in wat u goin threw puto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    pimpinsmiles said...
    Yea P'z these renegade ass pretenders have made them steak and eggs taste more like chicken
    liver and for me i must stay eating
    so unless a real one is ready to jump these hurdles one will be left
    behind.I for one refuse to lose.
    Anonymous said...
    A few observations: When the tracks were taken down in NYC, well, what you then had on CL was a proliferation of all kinds of folks selling everything from their eyelashes to their toenails. Prices went down? A lady with no experience at all logged on and was immediately getting $200 + for 10 minutes worth of actual worth if she meet a trick at all. Fuck you motherfucking pimps! If you had any power in the first place, you would have formed a PIMP lobby and forced the government to legalize this shit. Instead, you diamond and gold chain motherfuckers out here making videos and shit as if you don't realize that you are criminals. That's what happens when you you have no fucking brains.
    Anonymous said...
    Another motherfucking thing: Contemporary and even wannabee hoes began to realize they did not have to give any money to a sexual slave master. If anything, Craigslist and this Internet advertising shit drove the price of shit up! Way up! The average so-called hoe on CL would normally get $20 dollars in the hood (and I am not talking crackheads)for get banged for ten minutes or so in the hood and would be glad to get it. When so-called wannabee hoes realized that they could "contextualize" themselves as hoes on CL and get $200 + for merely "posting," the game was over. Ovah!

    The average man in the ghetto can fuck a wannabe-need-money-for-her-lightbill hoe for $20-$50 for as long as he want. And in most cases for free.

    CL fucked up THAT game.

    There are actual hoes that will allow you to fuck them for far less if they like you. They hate their so-capped daddies, but they have been convinced that they gotta give money to these con men called pimps.

    All these fucking videos and books that pimps are now appearing in. That ain't pimping! That's a pimp trying to be a rapper or an entertainer. Why? A real pimp--that is to say: con man/criminal-- knows that he got to stay the fuck off the stage, particularly when they (law enforccement) can tag your ass with tax evasion and a whole lot of other shit and put your ass behind bars when they game can be reveresed and you can become somebody's else bitch.

    And that's gonna happen. Those motherfucking videos--Pimping Ken, Snooky, Don, etc.--can be admitted as evidence in a court of law and, furthermore, if the feds run up in your house and you don't have reciepts for those clothes, rocks, cars, etc., against the backdrop of tax returns and proof of inceome, kiss that shit and your ass bye bye.

    It not CL, then, that fucked the game up. It is these stupid ass video ass pimps that have drawn attention to the game and now law enforcement is forced to deal with these dumb ass fools.
    Unknown said...
    Chuuch mane these faggot ass hoes fuckin up da game mane
    John Dillinger said...
    Chuuch mane these faggot ass hoes fuckin up da game mane
    Anonymous said...
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